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Strataglass enclosure - Rob Kolb Bay Cit


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                                                                      image compliments of Bay City Canvas & Awnings LLC, Bay City, MI

Strataglass Protective Polish (product #302)

Formulated to safely clean, polish and protect Strataglass and other clear vinyl safely and effectively. This polymer product molecularly bonds to the clear vinyl creating a nearly invincible protective barrier against the damaging effects of marine environment pollutants. (Use after IMAR #401 and before IMAR #301). 

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Strataglass Protective Cleaner (product #301)

Cleans, shines, and protects Strataglass and other clear vinyl safely and effectively. With UV protection to enhance flexibility and an anti-static formulation to help repel dirt from the surface, this product can be used daily, removing finger prints and other dirt to keep clear vinyl shining like new. (Use in between applications of IMAR #302)

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Panorama FR image.png

Non-coated clear vinyl cleaner

IMAR Panorama FR Protective Cleaner endorsed by Strataglass, Inc.

image by Strataglass Inc,




IMAR Yacht Soap

(product #401)

Formulated with a unique blend of surfactants to create its highly polished appearance. Its non-streaking, non-spotting formulation rinses clear and decreases drying time. IMAR Yacht Soap Concentrate avoids the use of harsh alkalies, acids and abrasives so it protects durable polishes while thoroughly cleaning. (Use IMAR before IMAR #301 & IMAR #402)

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Panorma 313 - red flowers.jpg

Panorama FR Protective Cleaner endorsed by Strataglass

(product #313)

This all in one waterless cleaner with built in protectant was formulated to quickly and easily wipe away environmental debris from the surface of Panorama FR made by Strataglass,Inc. 

It works great on all non-coated clear surfaces used to create sun rooms, patios, restaurant enclosures, gulf cart enclosures and other indoor/outdoor spaces. 

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